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Getting started

If you are new to Pilates, we have a great way to help you get started.  Take full advantage of the 3 private Starter Kit 1 where you will learn about your own posture through a posture analysis session. You will be given a clear explanation of the Pilates principles and how applying these basic principles into the Pilates repertoire could bring about positive improvements to your total well being.   You will then be introduced to a Reformer, learning the essential movements and how to execute them safely, effectively at the same time, opening up a whole new experience to your exercise regime.  After the 3 private sessions, you will be ready to step into a group class with confidence;  well equipped to enjoy the class with the rest of the participants.

Group Max 6
Group classes are deliberately kept small so that every client receives individual care and attention. Classes are done on the Reformers, with Matwork and the use of small props incorporated. They are a great way to get a good workout, and get a powerful, toned and supple body and even make a few new friends if you like. Classes are designed to range from Essential to Advanced levels to provide you with a continuous fitness programme.

Private 1 on 1
A private lesson offers a complete way to address your personal needs. We have programmes designed to meet your individual goals, whether it is re-alignment, rehabilitation, pre/post natal or direct at achieving peak performance. Under the watchful eye of our dedicated teacher, who will guide your every move and with a variety of apparatus to ensure you receive the best results.

Private Duet 1 on 2
Duets are semi privates are usually done as couples or pair up with a friend. You will still enjoy close attention of the teacher while having a good time and a great workout with your loved one and buddy.

Reformer (level 1) – The Reformer (level 1) is a beginner level class and designed for those who have just completed the 3 private lessons. The repertoire covered in the lesson is basic with a focus on technique, appreciation of Pilates principles and efficient movement mechanics.

Reformer (level 1/2) – The Reformer (level 1/2) class is a bridging class from a beginner to an intermediate level. Pilates goers who attend this class have covered sufficient level 1 classes and want to progress to a level 2 class. Intermediate exercises will be introduced gradually with a slight increase in challenge compared to a level 1 class.

Reformer (level 2) – The Reformer (level 2) class is an intermediate level class. Students who attend this class have covered the exercises in the reformer level 1 class; have a good understanding of the principles of Pilates as well as good body awareness. Movements are more challenging than a level 1 class, with emphasis on strengthening of core and periphery.

Reformer (level 2/3) – The Reformer (level 2/3) is a bridging class from an intermediate to an advanced level.  This is perfect for those who have had sufficient experience in the level 2 reformer classes but intimidated to progress to the level 3 classes. There will be a gradual introduction to advanced exercises that require coordination as well as an emphasis on building strength and endurance through core and periphery.

Mat/Reformer – Enjoy the best of both worlds in this mat reformer combination workout. Pilates props; fitness circle, foam roller, thera-band may also be used in this class to either assist in better movement pattern or challenge you further. Level 1 and 2 classes are available.

Circuit training – Get the most out of your Pilates workout with the full studio repertoire with the Cadillac, chair, ladder barrel, reformer and mat.  (Recommended to those who have completed at least 10 sessions of reformer class).

Functional Pilates- Combining the principles of Pilates with functional training, this class aims to equip participants with the skills to handle day to day activities ranging from balancing on a MRT train to high intensity sports. A typical class comprises of mat, reformer and athletic exercises with extensive use of props.

What our clients say


“Jackie is very professional, knowledgeable and patient.Her knowledge of human body is very thorough


Jackie, I’d like to thank you, your trainers and Laura for making my Pilates training in Singapore such a wonderful experience.