Irene and Jackie

Thank you for being there with (and for) me in my journey to get to know pilates. After starting with TPP for close to slightly more than a year and being more of a frequent visitor to the studio the last 6 months – I think I am in LOVE with pilates.

Your patience, friendliness, support allows me to make my way to the studio each day (well maybe each day is an exaggeration – but close to an average of 3 times a week).

After being more regular – I definitely felt good. I didn’t necessary lose much of my fats (so far) but am sure I will eventually will, but I felt much younger in terms of my overall well-being. My back problems though not totally gone, but it is much much better now. A pilate class solve my back problem so much better than a visit to the Orthopaedic specialist.

I like the fact that you tailor the classes to fit my physical well being of that day, making it easier for me to get started YET not allowing me to be lazy and conitnue to have a good workout.

I appreciate the fact that you do not belittle my strength and inflexibility YET encouraging me to do better each class and be stronger each day.

Thank you, and in 2015 – I hope to continue to be with you as often as I can – and hopefully drop 2 dress sizes by the end of 31 December 2015.

Once again thank TPP! Thank you Irene and Jackie!


Just a short note of thanks to the staff at Pilates Place. I am amazed at the difference Pilates has made to my back and core strength. Over the years I have put up with pain from an old fracture to my back and a couple of ruptured discs. It had gotten to the stage where after a very active lifestyle I had virtually given up sport and really struggled lifting my young kids up. After spending a small fortune on physio’s I heard about Pilates and a friend recommended your studio. Within a couple of weeks of attending classes I was amazed how much better and stronger my back felt. I am back enjoying my cycling and running and have no problems lifting the kids – I am hooked on Pilates and consider it one of the best all round exercises I have ever done.

I strongly recommend your classes to anyone whether they are seeking to recover from an injury or just wanting to improve their overall fitness and strength. Thanks again.

Stephen Duerden

I have been attending Pilates Place for more than a year and to me, it is more than just a pilates studio. Jackie and Irene are warm, friendly and enthusiastic about pilates too. I have attended three other pilates studios and nowhere else have I met teachers who are so welcoming and genuine.

I never regret going for workouts at Pilates Place, even if I have to “suffer” for a while under Rodney who can really stretch you in more ways than one!

So why not sign up with Pilates Place today? It will be well worth your time!

Huang Meifang

Through the years I’ve tried various forms of exercise but have not stuck with any one thing because it was too hard on my joints or too inconvenient or no noticeable improvement. In 1997, I began having severe pain and discomfort due to some deterioration in a couple of vertebrae and a curvature of my spine. I began seeing chiropractors on a regular basis. My husband was transferred to Singapore in July, 2009. In May, 2010, I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis. I had only had a few Pilates mat classes in the US prior to moving to Singapore. I decided to try the Reformer approach with Pilates Place. I’ve been hooked ever since (Nov 2010). Careful attention is given by the instructors to our form and areas of physical limitations. I have not needed to go to the chiropractor in over a year for my back. My husband has noticed I am stronger. My posture has improved. Although I am taking medication, I believe that Pilates has been a huge factor in my improved bone density for the past two years. I have moved back to Osteopenia. Now the occasional twist in my neck or back corrects itself without my ending up on pain medication and on the chiropractor’s doorstep!

Denise Rose(Age, 54)

Over the years I have been sitting in front of a computer, and also experienced two whip lash injuries. These contributed to stiffness, chronic neck and shoulder pain. My overall body stiffness and inflexibility led to years of receiving chiropractic care, which was beneficial, but not enough. I started working with Jackie at the Pilates Place in November 2011 shortly after I moved to Singapore. Soon after beginning training, my muscles were getting more flexible, and my neck and shoulders were starting to feel better. I was on the road to feeling healthy and normal again. I really enjoyed working with Jackie one on one and taking her group classes. She is sensitive to each person’s fitness needs and concerns, and has helped me reach a higher level of health. Her studio is clean with great Stotts equipment, and the classes are small which provide quality attention. Thank you Jackie for providing a comfortable and challenging environment for me to practice Pilates. I’m hooked on Pilates for life!

Karie Reither

To say that pilates, or more accurately, The Pilates Place, has improved my life would not be over stating things. I have an old injury that has severely restricted the sort of exercise I can undertake and at last I have found something I can (attempt to) do and a studio where the instructors, led by the wonderful Jackie Lim, are not only fantastic at what they do but ensure everyone feels that they are having individual tuition, even in the group classes. I can honestly say I have seen a real improvement in my body both in terms of strength and shape and although I still have a lot of hard work ahead of me, as one is constantly learning new movements, it never gets boring.

I cannot say enough good things about Jackie’s Tras Street Studio and even when I am dragging myself there on a Saturday morning (well, lunchtime if I am honest) I always end up feeling 100 times better when I leave and marvel at Jackie’s good humour and patience, no matter how late or early the classes or how long she has been teaching that day.

Suzanne Hawken
Head of Account Management and Planning

I have been having chronic pain in the cervical and thoracic spinal area of my back for the last 6 years. This injury started when I had a piriformis injury in my butt when I was training for my marathon run then.

I had seeked treatment from orthopedic doctors, sports doctors, aryuvedic physicians, tui na, TCM physicians, massage, acupressure physicians; all of them has ‘successfully’ failed to heal me.

When I first met Jackie Lim in 2010, I decided to give it one more attempt since pilates is mean’t to resolve spinal structure problems.

I am glad to say I am now 90% healed. I don’t get the constant chronic pain that used to be so debilitating. I like to say a big thank you to Jackie to help me on my path to full recovery.

Hee Kang Ngiap

“Jackie is very professional, knowledgeable and patient.
Her knowledge of human body is very thorough .

I had many injuries and she has helped me a lot to improve, and given me many very good advices.

The equipment is of top quality and in top condition.

I have never seen such a spotless place as pilates place at Tras.

Thank you Jackie”

Evelyne Bession

“For a few years now I have experienced lower back pains that make it difficult for me to walk. As a result my exercise routine had to be limited to weight training and bicycle pedalling although I would like to be able to do some aerobic exercises.

Close friends of mine noticed my lower back condition and highly recommended that I should try Pilates exercises and referred me to Ms Jackie Lim, a dedicated Pilates instructor practising in Singapore. Ms Lim agreed to give me a course in Pilates and it has now been several months of twice weekly Pilates exercise and instructions which I have found to help me immensely by strengthening my core and developing greater body flexibility.

At age 83 and fully occupied with my professional work, I am now better at standing upright and walking with far less pain and effort prior to the Pilates lessons. I am convinced that by continuing with Pilates my body strength and flexibility will continue to improve and I will enjoy even higher quality of life and general well being.

It also give me great comfort to note that ms lim continues to improve her professional skills with Pilates by occasionally attending special lectures and seminars given by visiting international experts in the fields as I can anticipate even higher state of art training from her in the future.”

Dr. Alfred A Yee
Professional structural engineer

“I took up pilates in the hope of finding a cure to my upper back pain. After 1 ½ years of pilates sessions at The Pilates Place, I must say that my upper back pain is now cured and I also have a better posture!! Thank you Jackie for being a patient & constantly motivating instructor, even at 8am sessions!!”

Sharifah Munirah

r Jackie, I’d like to thank you, your trainers and Laura for making my Pilates training in Singapore such a wonderful experience.

For the 6 months that I trained with you while I was living in Singapore, I looked forward very much to each of my training sessions at your studio. With your guidance and instruction I made a huge leap forward in my health and fitness, and I feel so much better for having trained with you.

Whether I participated in the private sessions or the group classes, I enjoyed the friendly, professional and experienced instruction of you and your trainers. I always found your studio to be well equipped and ready for each training session.

I wish you and your studio great success for the future.


Brian Miller

I have been suffering back pain obtained from my old injuries for many years. Since after I joined The Pilates Place in Aug 2011, I am glad to see myself having a good improvement. Movements which I had phobia in doing due to the pains occurrence, I am happy that I can make it now! I would like to give praise to Jackie who is a patience and humble teacher whom never fails to give clear instructions and illustrations during the sessions. Which indeed make the sessions fruitful to me. Thank you very much, Jackie 🙂

Best Regards,
Clara Ong

Jackie is a great trainer. Learning Pilates has transformed my relationship with my body. I have not only gained strength, but flexibility too. And i feel the difference keenly every day, in the use of my muscles in daily movements. This has boosted my general well-being.

Mrs Pek

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“Jackie is very professional, knowledgeable and patient.Her knowledge of human body is very thorough


Jackie, I’d like to thank you, your trainers and Laura for making my Pilates training in Singapore such a wonderful experience.